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Quick Retouching Tips by Natalie Fobes

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

I believe in enhancing or de-emphasizing, not necessarily removing, unwanted physical characteristics. Too many photographers remove the wrinkles and skin texture. I tell my clients that I will make them look rested, not 17.

A few of the methods I use in Photoshop follow. Always create at least one retouching layer.

Lighten whites of eyes or irises: Brush, opacity 7, mode lighten, foreground white
Alternate: select eyes and change levels with mask to hide other stuff.

Define eyelashes, lips, etc. Brush, opacity 10, mode multiply

Whiten teeth: Brush, opacity 12, mode color, foreground white
Alternate: Brush, mode lighten, 7-15%

Alternate: Desaturation sponge. This may result in a graying down of the area.

Darken: Brush, opacity 20, mode Multiply, black or white in foreground