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Ten Tips for choosing your Seattle Wedding photographer by Natalie Fobes

Monday, January 25th, 2016

With the Seattle wedding booking season in full swing couples are meeting with photographers. This is a great time to get to know the photographer better. After all, with the exception of the fiance, you’ll spend more time with her/him than anyone else on your wedding day.

During this meeting don’t concentrate on pricing and hours. Excellent photography is much more than that!

Here are a couple questions to ask. My answers are in parenthesis.

1. What is your experience in photography and how does that help you in shooting weddings? (I am a former National Geographic photographer so you know I can capture the candid moments of your wedding day while also telling a story. What most people don’t know is that I used to shoot fashion too. So I love making creative portraits of the couple to hang on their wall as art, not just wedding photography.)

2. Is this your full-time job? (Yes, I’ve been a photographer since I was 23 years old.)

3. How many weddings have you shot? (I’ve photographed more than 125 and counting. Nothing fazes me. I am always calm and cool.)

This is a start and I’ll add more later!

Natalie Fobes, Seattle wedding photographer (and much more!)

Ten Tips for choosing your Seattle Wedding photographer by Natalie Fobes

Friday, January 15th, 2016

Show Special and Maui Waterfront Condo!

I’m so excited about the Seattle Wedding Show Jan. 16-17th. Visit JJ and me at Booth 219. This is the best way to find your vendors. I’m offering a show special of $500 off my collections if you book me at the show. Honeymooning in Hawaii? Have I got a deal for you. If you book me and my Maui waterfront condo, you’ll get the show special AND a gift card for up to $200.

Ten Tips for choosing your Seattle wedding photographer by Natalie Fobes

Thursday, January 14th, 2016

It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality!

Almost everyone includes photography files with their wedding collections. I do too.

However, some photographers will tell you that they give you ALL the photos taken of your wedding.

Sounds like a good thing, right? WRONG!

I worked for National Geographic Magazine. I’m friends with some of the world’s best photographers. We know that you can’t make a great image every time you press the button.

Instead, those photos are the ones that lead up to the great shots. The mistakes, the misfire of the flash, the blinking Uncle Joe. These should not be included in the files that are given to the clients.

Let me ask you this: would you rather spend your time enjoying optimized files ready to print or wading through more than a thousand photographs trying to find the good ones?

Part of my job is to do the initial edit for you.

This doesn’t mean that you get a handful of photographs. Last year I provided between 550 and 980 photo files for each wedding.

It does mean that the 10-20 hours I spend preparing the photo files ensures you don’t have to!

See me at the Seattle Wedding Show  Booth 219

Ten tips for choosing your Seattle Wedding photographer by Natalie Fobes

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

Beware of faux photojournalists!


With photojournalistic coverage so popular many photographers are claiming they are photojournalists.

Very few have ever worked for a newspaper or magazine.

I have. I’m a Seattle photographer who has worked for every major national magazine including National Geographic. I have three coffee table books published of my work. And I was a runner-up for the Pulitzer Prize while working at the Seattle Times as a staff photographer.

You know I can capture the candid moments of the wedding day. But did you know that I also create fine art, fashion-forward portraits on your wedding day that you will be proud to display in your home?

So when you do hear someone claim they are a photojournalist, ask them what magazine or newspaper they worked for.


See me at the Seattle Wedding Show  Booth 219

Ten Tips for Choosing Your Seattle Wedding Photographer by Natalie Fobes

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Tip #3: Being realistic about your timeline will help keep you on budget!

When you are planning your wedding day the timeline can get out of control! Many couples want all day coverage from the photographers.

I’m happy to photograph all day but the reality is, you don’t need that much time. In my experience, the photos my couples choose for their albums are always taken within a 5-6 hour period. These include getting ready, first sight, the ceremony, the couple shots and the reception. I normally include 400-600 images from this time.

You can save money by booking a photographer for just the amount of time you need.

Be sure to visit me at Booth 219 at the Seattle Wedding Show. And ask about my photography package that includes a honeymoon at a waterfront Maui condo!


See me at the Seattle Wedding Show  Booth 219




Ten Tips for Choosing your Seattle Wedding Photographer by Natalie Fobes

Sunday, January 3rd, 2016

Seattle Wedding Tip #2: Surviving the Seattle Wedding Show

I’ll be honest with you. The big shows are overwhelming. Thousands of couples and their friends attend the Seattle Wedding Show’s two day expo.

And for good reason. All of the very best Seattle wedding vendors are there. Just by having a booth you know they have been in business for awhile and are willing to spend thousands of dollars to promote their services. You won’t find “weekend wonders” there, only professionals! Please drop by my booth #219 to see my Seattle wedding photography!

So here’s how to keep your sanity and get the most out of the show. First figure out what you still need for your wedding. Go to the wedding show’s website and find the vendor listings. My websites are Seattle Wedding Photographers and Fobes Photo. The vendors are listed by category on the pdf. Spend a few minutes checking out the vendors’ websites then go back to the wedding show’s website and click on the floorplan. This’ll help save steps if you plot your “journey” efficiently.

Bring a page of stickers or labels with your name, date, email and phone number (optional). You can give these to the vendors to receive more information.

While I always have a half-dozen or so couples book me at the show, I like to set up consultations in the days after. That way I can talk with the couples in depth about their wedding plans and they can get to know more about my wedding photography approach. As a former National Geographic photographer who’s also shot fashion, I specialize in capturing the story of the wedding day and candids as well as creating fine art couple portraits.

If you fall in love with a wedding photographer, book her on the spot or she may be booked  by the next couple. Unlike caterers and florists, the excellent photographers don’t do more than one wedding a day.

A great time to talk with the vendors is during the fashion show. It’s pretty quiet in the aisles during that time.

Final thoughts: embrace the chaos, and don’t eat too many cake samples!