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Natalie Fobes hadn’t planned on becoming a photographer. She was an architecture student until she took a photo course her junior year. One day she saw an old woman raking her yard. Natalie thought she’d make a good picture.

After Natalie was done the woman invited her in for a cold drink. She told Natalie about her life. She had crossed the prairies in a covered wagon, lost her farm in the depression, bore six children and buried three.

During those quiet moments Natalie discovered the passport to experience that all photographers carry. Her camera. Natalie had discovered the power of witnessing. That was the day she decided to become a photographer.

Each time Natalie photographs she considers it a chance to learn about different people, different cultures and the natural environment. She hopes her photographs will educate, illuminate and entertain. Natalie wants to make a difference.

“Through my vision
I show people their neighbors
in a new way, the places
they live in a new light.”

— Natalie

Because of her dedication, PhotoMedia Magazine chose Natalie as the “PhotoPerson of the Year”.

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