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PACIFIC SALMON (published National Geographic Magazine July 1990, and in Natalie's book Reaching Home: Pacific Salmon, Pacific People, Alaska Northwest Books, 1994. Natalie's traveling museum exhibit is booked into 2002.)

(* Indicates photographs directly related to Pacific salmon's listing as endangered species either Columbia and Snake Rivers' runs or the Sacramento River's runs. )

  • *Underwater shots of eggs, alevins (larvae), fry, smolts
  • *Above water shots of fry, smolts jumping small waterfall
  • *Sockeye, chinook, chum spawning behavior
  • *Sockeye salmon jumping falls, in rapids, in shallow water
  • *Underwater spawning of pink, coho, chum and sockeye salmon
  • *Spawned out sockeye, chum, pink, coho salmon
  • *Skeletons of salmon
  • Bald eagles feeding on and fighting over salmon carcasses
  • Sea gull with mouth full of salmon tail
  • Brown bears feeding on salmon
  • Atlantic salmon in salmon farms
  • Underwater Elwha River Chinook

Habitat and habitat degradation
  • Pristine rivers in Wa., Or., B.C. and Alaska
  • Old growth forests
  • * Dams on Columbia and Snake Rivers
  • * Irrigation canals, Idaho, California
  • * Rescue of threatened-species-listed chinook from dry irrigation canal, California
  • * Rice paddies, California
  • * Aerial spraying of fertilizer over paddies, California
  • * Mining destruction, Yankee Fork of the Salmon River, Idaho
  • * Hardpan and chinook salmon, Idaho
  • Clear-cuts, British Columbia, Washington State
  • Salmon killed by toxic chemical dumped in river

  • * Dipnet fishing in front of Dalles Dam, Columbia River
  • Dipnet fishing on Klickitat River
  • * Gillnet fishing on Columbia River, Quinault River
  • Lifestyle of Indian fishermen
  • Repairing nets
  • Smoking salmon
  • First Fish Ceremony

  • * PIT tagging on Snake River, electro-shocking on Snake River
  • * Winter shots of biologist floating down Idaho river counting salmon

Nose tagging, otolith marking and DNA cataloging
  • * Irrigation diversion screens on Columbia River system
  • * Barging salmon juveniles around dams on Columbia and Snake
  • * Counting salmon at Bonneville
  • * Salmon viewing rooms at Bonneville and on Yakima River and Snake
  • * Sawtooth hatchery in Idaho, others in Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska

Commercial Fishing, Alaska
  • Gillnet fishing at Bristol Bay and Cook Inlet, Alaska
  • Trolling in Southeast Alaska
  • Processing and canning salmon
  • Lifestyle of fishermen, processors, families
  • Subsistance fishwheel fishing on Yukon River

Markets and Cuisine
  • Pike Place Market sales clerk throwing salmon and displays
  • Tsukujii Central Fish Market, Tokyo, Japan--displays, auctions, buyers, sellers
  • Sashimi
  • Russian dishes

Salmon farming and ranching, Aquaculture
  • Aerials of farms Washington, British Columbia and New Zealand
  • Feeding, transporting, harvesting in Puget Sound, British Columbia, N.Z and Japan
  • Underwater photos of salmon in netpens and diver checking net
  • Hatcheries in North America, New Zealand and Japan

Sport fishing
  • Buoy 10 on mouth of Columbia River; hundreds of boats dwarfed by a tanker
  • Fishermen reeling in chinook; little girl petting 45 pound chinook; charter boats

  • Hatcheries on Hokkaido, Honshu
  • Harvesting salmon by beach seine, on fishing boat
  • Fish wheel originally from Columbia River scooping up salmon
  • Salmon cuisine at traditional restaurant
  • Ainu (Japan's native people) gillnetting and first fish ceremony
  • Children at school's hatchery and salmon museum

Soviet Union/Russia
  • Salmon trapnet commercial fishing, antiquated processing; salting; canning; gutting
  • Lifestyle of workers in small fishing town
  • Salmon cuisine
  • Soviets swimming with thousands of salmon around them
  • Native woman preparing salmon traditional way
  • Pollution in salmon stream
  • Port facilities
  • Artifacts including salmon skin coat

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