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Growing up as a child in rural Iowa Natalie Fobes would lie on the back of her horse staring at the jets that flew through the cobalt blue sky. She listed “international jet setter” in her yearbook as the profession she planned for herself in the future.

She has achieved her goal. Natalie has photographed in remote regions far different than her own. Alaska. Siberia. Komodo Island. Viet Nam. The Pribolof Islands. The Copper Canyon. Dutch Harbor. Guatemala. Hong Kong. Sapporo. White Horse. Dead Horse.

Natalie has faced temps of 30 below while tenting with reindeer herders in Siberia; watched 40 foot waves blown by 90 knot winds crash over the bow of her fishing boat; jumped as a juvenile komodo dragon fell from the thatched roof of her Indonesian hut; and got out of the way as wild boars rampaged through her camp.

Despite the difficulties she loves seeing places few Americans ever see. But equally is her delight in discovering the out-of-the-way corners of her own back yard.

“This is a long way from Iowa!”

— Natalie

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