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National Geographic Photographer

Not many photographers have faced winds of 90 knots and seas of 40 feet while on a fishing boat in the middle of the Bering Sea. Few can describe the bitter cold of a Siberian winter while living in a tent with Chukchi reindeer herders or say that their first client was National Geographic Magazine. Few others, if any, can claim to be a Pulitzer Prize finalist in a writing category. Or say that their oil spill photographs were entered into evidence before the US Supreme Court.

Seattle photographer Natalie Fobes can. With three coffee table photography books published, a thriving wedding, portrait, corporate assignment, and stock business, workshops and a teaching gig at Seattle Central Community College, she is one of the most diverse photographers in the country.

Natalie's clients range from the Gates Foundation and corporations that need insightful executive business portraits to individuals who want unique portraits or wedding stories. Natalie Fobes was one of five photographers chosen to photograph His Holiness Dalai Lama up close and personal during his visit to Seattle.

Natalie excels at capturing real people and real life whether it is for a magazine photo editor or a Seattle wedding couple. She knows that those moments of life are the ones that too frequently go unrecorded. Each moment reflects a life. Each photo tells a story.

Please enjoy Natalie’s unique vision as you explore this site.

“Photographers are the eyes and conscience of society. Our photographs illuminate the dark corners of our cultural and environmental tapestry. These images record, for all time, the split second that the shutter remains open. Life in the present becomes history in the future.”

— Natalie

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