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“I want to thank you for being so wonderful to work with. You did an amazing job. I also want to tell you how calming a presence you were for me on our wedding day. You really helped everything go smoothly and kept me feeling relaxed. I can't express how much I appreciate this. You really went above and beyond!”

— D.     

“Just got the photos...we love love love love them! You rock!”

— Mary Jane B.    

“Thanks, Natalie, for the great photos. Part of the reason it took us so long to book a wedding photographer was that I couldn’t quite come to terms with the notion of spending a few thousand dollars for one evening’s photographs, but now that we have the results I very much feel that it was money well spent.”

— Paul M.    

“Thanks so much for all of your work-we’ve had great feedback from friends & family on your subtle presence at the event and on the photos themselves. We’ll definitely pass on the recommendation for future weddings.”

— Michelle G.    

“Christiaan and I really enjoyed working with you and thank you so much for being one of the only people who could calm my nerves that day!”

— Jules G.    

“We could not have been more pleased with the photographs that Natalie took of our wedding day. She was able to perfectly capture exactly how we hoped the wedding would and more importantly, how it would feel. We enjoyed the ease of working with her before the actual day and appreciated her obvious experience when it came to dealing with less than perfect weather. She was a big part of what made our day absolutely perfect!”

— Kris G.    

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